anne & annie

We’re a couple of friends with more in common than just the letters in our names.

Like most moms our age, we work hard, swap secrets on skin care, debate politics over coffee, and wonder how other women make life look so effortless while we struggle to get a shower in every (other!) day.  During workouts, walks, and wine we love talking about BIG ideas because, well, life is simply too short to think small.

We both run busy households with kids, pets, and husbands and just happen to be married to men who also have businesses of their own. We’re quite sure our ability to manage it all and still smile makes us qualified to conquer pretty much anything!

Anne is a natural visionary who loves design and has an eye for quality. Annie is an inspired creative who thrives in her hands-on ability to deliver a serious wow factor.  Together we spark a special energy that ignites our shared passion for the decorative arts.

We want our products to bring you joy. To make your heart feel bright.  And to be simple, but significant!